Triumph Stadium Seating

sb_triumph_seating2Triumph Stadium Seating is designed for comfort, ease of use, performance, durability and sporting good looks.

Plastic backs and seats have a smooth surface for easy cleaning and are constructed of double-wall blow moulded polyethylene with anti-static compounds. Backs are ergonomically contoured for posture and comfort.

Seats are tested for more than 100,000 folding cycles to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Rugged, aluminum-oxide, powder coated, cast aluminum stanchions provide high durability and easy cleaning.

Triumph Stadium Seating is rated and tested to less than -60° C. U.V. inhibitors are used for the polyethylene seats and backs to provide long lasting colour stability.

Complies with National Fire Protection Association codes (NFPA-code 102).


Triumph Stadium Seating accessories include:

  • seat numbers
  • row letters
  • plastic laminate end panels


Please contact SOUND BARRIERS for drawings and complete specifications.